Members of the Board


Members and alternate members of the Green Climate Fund Board#


Nominations for Board members and alternate members were received through communications sent on behalf of the respective constituency or regional group within a constituency.


Alternate members

Constituency/Regional Group

Mr. Christian N. Adovelande


West African Development Bank

Mr. Tosi Mpanu Mpanu
Republic of the Congo)
Former Chair 

the African Group of climate negotiators

Developing countries,

Mr. Omar El-Arini

Member of Board, Egyptian Environmental Affairs Agency, International consultant on ozone layer and climate issues

Mr. Newai Gebre-ab


the former Transitional Committee for the design of the Green Climate Fund

Mr. Zaheer Fakir

(South Africa)
International Relations and Governance,
Department of Environmental Affairs

Mr. Paulo Gomes

(Guinea Bissau)
Member of the Board of Directors, Ecobank Transnational Inc.
Vice-Chairman of the finance committee

Mr. Ziqian Liang 

Deputy Director General

International Department,

Ministry of Finance

Mr. Kwang-Yeol Yoo
epublic of Korea)
Director General

International Financial Cooperation,
Ministry of Strategy and Finance

Developing countries,

Mr. Ayman M. Shasly

(Saudi Arabia)*
International Policies Consultant
Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources

Mr. Farrukh Iqbal Khan

Permament Mission of Pakistan to the United Nations

Mr. Jose Ma. Clemente Sarte Salceda 

Province of Albay

Mr. Shri Dipak Dasgupta

Principal Economic Adviser
Ministry of Finance

Mr. Jorge Ferrer Rodriguez
Minister Counsellor

Multilateral Affairs and International Law General Division,

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

H.E. Ms. Audrey Joy Grant



Energy, Science and Technology and Public Utilities

Developing countries,
Latin America and the Caribbean

Ms. Vanesa Valeria D'Elia

Advisor to Minister
Ministry of External Relations

Mr. Rodrigo Rojo

Deputy Director
for International Affairs
Ministry of Finance

Mr. Angel Valverde Gallardo 



Ministry of Environment

Mr. Rodrigo Suarez Castano


Climate Change,
Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development

Mr. David Kaluba

Principal Economist
Ministry of Finance and National Planning

Mr. Mesbah ul Alam

Ministry of Disaster Management
and Relief

Developing countries,
Least developed countries

Mr. Patrick McCaskie

Research and Planning Unit,
Economic Affairs Division,
Ministry of Finance and Economic Affairs

H.E. Mr. Ali’ioaigi Feturi Elisaia

Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary, Permanent Representative

Permanent Mission of Samoa to the United Nations

Developing countries,
Small island developing States

Mr. George Zedginidze 


Former Minister
Ministry of Environment Protection

Mr. Irfa Ampri


Center for Climate Change Financing and Multilateral Policy,
Fiscal Policy Agency,
Ministry of Finance

Developing countries

Mr. Ewen McDonald

Deputy Secretary
Department of Foreign Affairs
and Trade

Mr. Rod Hilton

Assistant Director General
Australian Agency for International Development

Developed countries,
Australia on behalf of Australia and New Zealand

Ms. Irene Jansen

International Economics and Financial Institutions Division,
Foreign Financial Relations Directorate
Ministry of Finance

Mr. Peder Lundquist

Deputy Permanent Secretary
Ministry of Finance

Developed countries,
Denmark and the Netherlands**

Mr. Arnaud Buisse

Deputy Assistant Secretary
Multilateral Financial Affairs and Development Division,
Directorate-General of the Treasury

Mr. Frederic Glanois


Official Development Assistance and Multilateral Development Institutions,
Directorate-General of the Treasury

Developed countries,

Mr. Manfred Konukiewitz

Deputy Director General (retired) Representative of the Government

Mr. Norbert Gorissen


Division of International Climate Finance, International Climate Initiative, Federal Ministry for the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety (BMU)

Developed countries,

Mr. Shuichi Hosoda

Development Issues, International Bureau
Ministry of Finance

Mr. Tomonori Nakamura

Special Coordinator for Environmental Finance, Development Policy Division, International Bureau
Ministry of Finance

Developed countries,

Mr. Henrik Harboe

Director of Development Policy
Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Mr. Petr J. Kalas

(Czech Republic)
Former Minister
Ministry of Environment

Developed countries,
Norway and Czech Republic

Mr. Adam Kirchknopf 


Economic Section
Embassy of Hungary in Switzerland

Mr. Marcin Korolec

Secreatary of State, Government Plenipotentiary for Climate Policy.

Developed countries,
Hungary and Poland**

Ms. Ana Fornells de Frutos

International Climate Division
Ministry of Environment

Ms. Ludovica Soderini

International Financial Relations, Treasury Department
Ministry of Economy and Finance

Developed countries,
Spain and Italy**

Mr. Stefan Marco Schwager


Senior Adviser

International Biodivesrity and Climate Change Finance,

Federal Office for the Environment

Mr. Alexey Kvasov

(Russian Federation)
Deputy Chief of the Presidential Experts' Directorate
Russian G8 Sherpa,
Executive Office of the President

Developed countries,
Russian Federation and Switzerland**

H.E. Mr. Jan Cedergren

Ministry of Environment

Mr. Jozef Buys

Attaché Directorate General

Development Cooperation
Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Developed countries,
Sweden and Belgium**

Ms. Andrea Ledward
(United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland)

DFID's Climate and Environment Department

Mr. David Capper 

(United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland)

International Climate Policy and Finance at the U.K.'s Department of Energy and Climate Change

Developed countries,
United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Mr. Leonardo Martinez
(United States of America)
Deputy Assistant Secretary
Environment and Energy Office,
Department of the Treasury

Mr.C. Alexander Severens
(United States of America)
Environment and Energy Office,
Department of the Treasury
Developed countries,
United States of America


#   Status as at 2 April 2014.

*The letters of nomination (Asia-Pacific) (Asia-Pacific) (Latin America and the Caribbean) indicate a change in the arrangements during the three-year term of membership.
**The letter of nomination indicated that: “Constituencies will decide at their own discretion on the designation of Member and Alternate Member. Discussions amongst developed country Parties in Geneva on 13 April 2012 showed one outstanding issue regarding whether the European Union may participate on the GCF Board, the resolution of which is still pending consensus of developed country Parties. Accordingly, the list above does not prejudge the outcome of this issue.”
***   The letter of nomination indicated that: “Constituencies will decide at their own discretion on the designation of Member and Alternate Member.